Non-standard Capacitive Equipment

“LYKK” Company produces a wide range of universal plastic containers, facilities and structures (of sanitary and industrial use) of various sizes, shapes and volumes.

All products are made of high-quality polypropylene (country of origin – Germany). This material is ecologically health friendly, it has high chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and other aggressive media. 50 years warranty for polypropylene.


  • Various liquids and solids accumulation and storage tanks are widely used: in everyday life, at home lots, at public catering points, at fish farms, at enterprises (including the food industry).
  • Constructions and structures are used: to create landscape compositions, decorative plastic ponds and cascades, seed and flower beds.


  • environmental safety;
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • aesthetic appeal;
  • easy to care;
  • range variety;
  • reasonable price.

The Company production facilities allow the manufacture of customized plastic containers and structures (“made to order”) of any configuration within the shortest possible time.

A standard series of tanks

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