Pump stations (KNS)

LYKK Company SPSs – are polypropylene sewage pumping stations of new generation for pumping sanitary, industrial, storm and drainage wastewater.
The design, production and installation of each pumping station consider all the factors affecting the operation reliability, durability and safety of its work: the designed volume, the pumped wastewater flow differential, quality, the equipment application seasonality, the geological conditions and much more. The pumping stations wells are made of high-quality polypropylene for high corrosion resistance in the aggressive environment. There are 2 types of structures: one-wall (self-supporting), and double-wall (the space between the walls is filled with concrete) at a high water table. SPS dimensions shall be selected individually.

Packages offer

Taking into account the technical needs of the Customer (wastewater flow rate and parameters, flow differential, etc.), pumping stations can be equipped with pumps of various types (KSB, FLYGHT, SIGMA LUTÍN, WILO–EMU, GRUNDFOS). For grinding and pumping of mechanical inclusions, a pit shall be equipped with one or two pumps with cutting mechanisms. High-quality valves and a basket retain large mechanical impurities. The water level is controlled with a floating mechanism or water level sensors. Data and equipment signals are transferred to a common control panel, which is included in the package.


  • easy operation (automatic mode operation and an alarm is available);
  • the use of reliable submersible pumps;
  • anti-corrosion waterproof case;
  • a double case version available;
  • resistance to high water table ;
  • compact size;
  • easy installation;
  • durability;
  • after-sales servicing.

Type of standard CND

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